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Advance Financial Group

Advance Financial Group


Advance Financial Group was established in 1987 by Kimberley Baker, an independent Certified Financial Planner™. Serving individuals as well as small businesses and corporations in  Washington, D.C. and the Winston Salem and Lake Norman areas of North Carolina; we offer wealth management and comprehensive financial planning on a fee basis. Our independence allows us to provide unbiased advice and focus our loyalty on you. We specialize in matching clients with independent portfolio managers that suit their particular goals and management style.

At Advance Financial Group, we view clients as our most important asset and treat them accordingly. We believe in working with clients, treating them as partners and taking the extra time that might be needed to explain a recommendation or projection.

We value long-term relationships and believe that regular client contact are paramount to helping clients achieve their goals. As circumstances change, we work to assure smooth transitions to new situations. We never forget that the most important criterion of a financial advisors' success is the satisfaction of his or clients. Advance Financial Group is your partner in securing your financial future and peace of mind for life's journey. 

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