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Our Services

As independent Investment advisors offering fee-based financial planning in the Winston Salem and Lake Norman areas of North Carolina, we present clients as broad and unbiased perspective as possible. Planners are free to consider a full range of options for their clients because we have no allegiance to a major wirehouse, insurance company or bank and their products.

We can develop a comprehensive plan or focus on a particular area of concern-our services are tailored to your personal circumstance. It is our belief that informed and knowledgeable clients are satisfied ones, so we make sharing our expertise and explaining our recommendations a priority.

Please feel free to Contact Us for a complimentary consultation to get to know us or to get a second opinion. We want you to experience our brand of personal service and attention first hand.

Wealth Management

We specialize in helping successful clients select individual portfolio managers with compatible objectives, attitude and risk tolerance levels. Actively managed assets are monitored daily, something the most dedicated investor cannot do on his own. We offer managers that use a more proactive management style in order to better preserve and protect your assets by adjusting to market conditions. We believe independent managers, like independent financial advisors, offer clients a broad unbiased prospective regardless of the size of your account.

Income Distribution Planning

Creating a plan for a dependable and sustainable income which is integrated with social security and possible income from pensions.

Retirement Planning

Creating a comprehensive plan for your specific needs which includes evaluating your progress toward your desired retirement lifestyle.

Social Security/Medicare Planning

Providing you with a Social Security Maximization analysis report showing you the best strategies for claiming your benefits based on your particular situation. These calculations show the effects of "file and suspend" and "stop and start" strategies for example. We can provide Medicare supplement direction as well as reviewing your options for enrolling with Medicare.

Insurance Needs Analysis

Reviewing your existing policies to determine whether you have the right type and level of coverage.

  • Life Insurance-A plan to protect survivors and plan for their needs.
  • Disability Insurance-A plan to replace income in the event of a disability.
  • Long Term Care-How to pay for nursing home care or extended home health by self insuring or with traditional long term care insurance or a hybrid product.

Women In Transition

Dedicated to addressing women's unique financial concerns when facing widowhood, divorce, retirement and inheritance.

Education Planning

Estimating future college expenses and determining which type of account best serves your needs (e.g. 529, UTMA and UGMA).

Estate/Charitable Giving Planning

Coordinating with tax and legal advisors to assure that your wills, trusts and beneficiary designations will transfer your assets as desired, while minimizing income, estate and probate taxes.

Businesses Planning

Understanding employee and executive benefit packages as well as succession and business continuity planning.

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